My research interests include Security and Privacy, Cloud Computing and Big Data. I am a member of LIPADE laboratory, within the diNo research group.

Keywords : Big Data Lifecycle Management ; Security and Privacy ; Cloud Computing.

Postdoctoral Fellow.
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PHD Thesis.

Title : Business Process as a Service - BPaaS : Securing Data and Services

Abstract : Cloud computing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. In such open distributed computing environments, security is of paramount concern. This thesis aims at developing protocols and techniques for private and reliable outsourcing of design and compute-intensive tasks on cloud computing infrastructures. The thesis enables clients with limited processing capabilities to use the dynamic, cost-effective and powerful cloud computing resources, while having guarantees that their confidential data and services, and the results of their computations, will not be compromised by untrusted cloud service providers.

The thesis contributes to the general area of cloud computing security by working in three directions. First, the design by selection is a new capability that permits the design of business processes by reusing some fragments in the cloud. For this purpose, we propose an anonymization-based protocol to secure the design of business processes by hiding the provenance of reused fragments. Second, we study two di_erent cases of fragments' sharing : biometric authentication and complex event processing. For this purpose, we propose techniques where the client would only do work which is linear in the size of its inputs, and the cloud bears all of the super-linear computational burden. Moreover, the cloud computational burden would have the same time complexity as the best known solution to the problem being outsourced. This prevents achieving secure outsourcing by placing a huge additional overhead on the cloud servers.

 This thesis has been carried out in Université Paris Descartes (LIPADE - diNo research group) and in collaboration with SOMONE under a Cifre contract. The convergence of the research fields of those teams led to the development of this manuscrit.

Keywords : cloud computing ; security and privacy by design ; business processes ; process reuse ; biometric ; IT monitoring